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“I could write a novel about our extraordinary experience with Euan and his team. He is incredibly honest and hardworking. I have not seen more hustle in any one I have ever worked with. He knows what he is doing and if you follow his lead you have potential to make a heap of money like we did. He has set the bar for what I expect in a Realtor and can safely say it will never be matched. Euan literally help change our lives for the better.”

-Madison Gibson

“Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe the experience we had working with Euan. At our first meeting, his professionalism and knowledge of the process assured us that he was the partner we needed in simultaneously selling a home and purchasing a new home. Throughout the process, Euan’s expertise and management reduced our stress in the process. His extensive network of professionals helped us prepare our home to maximize our selling price, reduce the time on market, and ensure that we were able to offer a good product to buyers. Our home was under contract within a week and we received more than asking. During the closing process, Euan continued to manage the process and picked up the slack generated by the other agent and their less than professional team. As a result of Euan’s ability to manage the project so well, we were able to close on our sale in the morning and use the proceeds to close on the purchase in the afternoon.”

-Darren Bullock

“I’ve worked with Euan twice. The first time he helped me buy a condo. The second time he helped me sell that same condo and buy a house. Euan’s greatest strength is his responsiveness to customer needs. Any problem, any issue, Euan is on top of it right away. I’ve been so pleased with his service, I’ll definitely be calling him again when I’m ready for my next home!!”

-Margaret Lincoln

“Passion, reliability, and dedication is what Euan Graham represents when helping a home owner buy or sell. He listens to what you are looking for and strives to get the best home for you immediately. I highly recommend Euan, he is absolutely phenomenal!!!”

-Google+ Reviewer

“Euan is Amazing! He was extreme helpful and understanding. My husband and I are both teachers, so we have pretty restricted schedules. Euan was always willing to work with our weird hours. Also, he truly listened to us. He took what we had to say and ran with it. Euan helped make the house search fun and not at all stressful. He also worked extremely hard to make sure we got the house we wanted. There were over 20 other offers on the house we wanted, and he did all he could do to make sure we got the house! Going with another realtor is just a bad idea. If you want to get the perfect house, without spending months searching, and with the most support you can get, go with Euan!”

-Mackenzie Clarke

“I’ve known Euan Graham for 5 years. I met him accidentally while driving past a house that was for sale. We had a meeting where I told him everything I was looking for in a house and the very first house we looked at had everything I wanted and in my price range. After assisting me in buying my house Euan never left it at that. He always acted as a resource for me helping me find the right plumbers, handymen, insurance agents. Even things unrelated to owning a house he knows good reliable people that do absolutely anything in the Denver area. AND a recommendation from Euan was all I needed to know that who I was contacting was trustworthy.

Most recently Euan helped me to sell the same house he helped me purchase. Now having moved across the country I can tell you that Euan is a one of a kind realtor. The people I worked with in my new location just can’t hold a candle to his work ethic. When it came to selling my house he didn’t just ask how much do you want to sell for or when do you need to sell it by. He walked through my home and gave me advice to improve my chances of getting good offers. Paint here, move this around, etc. and anytime you have a question about that weird legal mumbo jumbo that makes up all crazy paperwork when buying or selling he explains it in a way that makes sense.

If Euan is helping you buy a house instead of selling one he won’t do what most realtors do and just say “yeah that sounds like a good offer”. He will explain to you how competitive the market is, how to make your offer more attractive and how to get a seller to want YOU to buy their house. After rereading this it sounds like propaganda, but I never once had a bad experience working with Euan. He genuinely cares for his clients even years after the purchase or sale of their houses.”

-Michael Lord

“Euan is enthusiastic and passionate about what he does and he shines above the rest!”

-Jake Denham

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